Getting into honours

Honours in psychology is either taken in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) (BPsySc(Hons)) or offered as a one-year full-time (or two-year part-time) postgraduate qualification in the Faculties of Arts (BA(Hons)) and Science (BSc(Hons)). There are 2 options for doing your fourth year when in the Bachelor of Psych Science program: the Group stream and the Honours stream. Both give you the same thing in terms of outcome; it’s only the process that is different. With Honours stream, you have an individual supervisor who will supervise up to 3 different students working individually on their thesis, whilst the Group stream is a group thesis where one supervisor handles 3 or so groups of students all completing similar theses. Honours stream requires a GPA of 5.5 (this is subject to change)– everyone else (BPsySc(Hons)) is guaranteed a place in Group stream as long as they pass all their relevant courses. These courses include all third year psych courses, and the compulsory second year courses.


If you’re looking to go into honours from the Bachelor of Arts or Science you have to apply through the uni, with a slightly higher GPA required, although this varies from year to year. This means you’ll graduate with 2 degrees – your bachelors and your honours. For Bachelor of Psychological Science, there’s no need to formally apply to get into either of these; the school will send out email around the middle of the year asking whether you intend to continue on with your degree, and then an offer email once final results for semester 2 of third year are released.


Both Honours and Group streams of the BPsySc(Hons), and the BA(Hons) and BSc(Hons) are accredited by the Australian Psychological Society (APAC) as approved Level 4 programs in psychology, and qualify graduates to apply for provisional registration as a Psychologist in Australia (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency), and qualify graduates to apply for provisional registration in Australia.






Are you a current BPsySc student who missed the information session in 2015 regarding changes to the BPsySc program? Fear no more! A video detailing these changes has now been made available by the school: